Jeep JL Borla ATAK BC Dual Exhaust


Optimizes engine for better throttle response and increased horsepower
Completely replaces OEM filter and air box with high-quality parts
Constructed using top-grade stainless steel hardware for longevity



The Borla ATAK BC Dual Exhaust is a game-changer for Jeep JL enthusiasts who are looking to boost their vehicle’s performance. Specifically designed for the 2018 Jeep JL, this product promises not just an enhanced driving experience, but also durability and aesthetic appeal. Dive into the features below and don’t forget to click on the “Learn More” button for additional information and customer reviews.

Enhanced Air Intake for Superior Performance:
Your engine thrives on cold air. The Borla ATAK BC exhaust is designed to help your engine draw in colder air more efficiently. The result? A significantly improved throttle response and a consistent boost in horsepower. Enhance your Jeep’s roar and make every drive an exhilarating experience.

100% Quality Parts Replacement:
Why settle for the standard when you can upgrade? The Borla ATAK BC exhaust system replaces your Jeep’s OEM filter and air box entirely with brand new, top-quality parts. Experience the difference in performance and durability with this superior replacement.

Durability Meets Quality:
No corners cut here. This exhaust system utilizes only the best – top-quality stainless steel button head bolts, washers, locknuts, and band clamps. Ensuring not just a performance upgrade, but a long-lasting one.

Made in the USA:
With its origin in the United States, you can trust in the quality craftsmanship and design that has gone into the creation of the Borla ATAK BC exhaust system for your Jeep JL.

For the Jeep lovers who are constantly on the lookout to elevate their vehicle’s performance, the Borla ATAK BC Dual Exhaust for 2018 Jeep JL is a must-have. From enhanced throttle response to using only the best in class materials, this product promises and delivers. To delve deeper into the specifics, and hear from those who’ve experienced the Borla difference, click the “Learn More” button above.

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