Claw Marks Decal Car Sticker




Jeep Claw Marks Decals

Upgrade the look of your Jeep with these Jeep Claw Marks Decals. These car stickers feature a unique claw marks design that adds a fierce and rugged appearance to your vehicle.


  • Universal Fit: These decals are designed to fit on various car models, including Jeeps. They can be applied to any flat surface, making them versatile for different areas of your vehicle.
  • Headlight Car Sticker: The claw marks decals are specifically designed to be applied to the headlights of your car. This adds a striking visual element to the front of your Jeep, giving it a fierce and aggressive look.
  • High-Quality Material: The decals are made from durable and waterproof vinyl material. This ensures that they can withstand outdoor elements such as rain, UV rays, and dirt without fading or peeling. They are built to last and maintain their vibrant appearance over time.
  • Easy Installation: The decals come with a self-adhesive backing, making them easy to apply. Simply peel off the backing and stick them onto the desired surface. No additional tools or professional installation is required.
  • Scratch Graphics: The claw marks design creates the illusion of monster scratches on your car’s surface. This adds a touch of ruggedness and adventure to your Jeep’s appearance, making it stand out on the road.
  • Bumper Sticker: While the decals are commonly used on headlights, they can also be applied to other parts of your vehicle, such as bumpers or doors. This allows you to customize your Jeep according to your personal style and preferences.

Enhance the exterior of your Jeep with these Claw Marks Decals. Their universal fit, high-quality material, and easy installation make them a popular choice among Jeep enthusiasts. Give your vehicle a unique and aggressive look with these waterproof and durable decals.