IOKHEIRA Double Buckle Dog Seatbelt with Reflective Adjustable Harness


Keep your furry friend safe and secure while driving with this double buckle dog seatbelt.
Updated design features aviation aluminum alloy carabiner for added strength and durability.
Reflective threads for nighttime visibility and adjustable length for your dog’s comfort.
The bungee cushioning design ensures your pet’s safety during sudden stops and turns.



Ensure the safety and comfort of your canine companion during car rides with the IOKHEIRA Double Buckle Dog Seatbelt. This upgraded dog seatbelt is designed with your pet’s well-being in mind.

Key Features:

Double Buckle Design: The IOKHEIRA dog seatbelt features two different safety buckles on one end. One is a hook latch, perfect for attaching to child safety seats or the car trunk. The other is a seatbelt buckle, just like the ones humans use, which can be inserted directly into the seatbelt slot. This innovative buckle design is universal and compatible with all cars, providing versatility and ease of use.

Updated for Durability: The carabiner included in this seatbelt is crafted from aviation aluminum alloy. This material is not only lightweight but incredibly robust, with a maximum tensile force of 900 lbs. Its curved design is ergonomic and ensures a secure lock on the D-ring.

Reflective and Adjustable: The seatbelt harness is constructed from thick, wear-resistant nylon and features reflective threads, enhancing visibility during nighttime rides. The length of the belt can be effortlessly adjusted, ranging from 19.6 inches to 31.5 inches, allowing your dog to stand, sit, or lie down comfortably while remaining securely fastened.

Bungee Cushioning: The dog car seatbelt boasts a highly elastic bungee cushioning design. This feature serves to protect your pet from potential injury during sudden braking, sharp turns, or bumps in the road, enhancing both your safety and your pet’s.

Safety, Comfort, and Guarantee: With the IOKHEIRA Double Buckle Dog Seatbelt, your canine companion can travel in comfort and safety, just like a baby in the back seat. Ensure their well-being by using it in conjunction with a dog harness. We guarantee your satisfaction and your pet’s safety while driving.

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