Jeep 3.6L Camshaft Position Sensor by Holstein


Direct OE replacement for optimal engine performance.
Precision-engineered for maximum fuel economy.
Crafted with heat-resistant premium materials.


Ensure the heart of your Jeep runs smoothly with the Holstein Camshaft Position Sensor. A vital part of engine operation, the sensor’s accuracy and durability are paramount. Holstein ensures that this sensor is a perfect blend of fit, form, and function, making it a crucial component for Jeep enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

Direct OE Replacement:
The Holstein Camshaft Position Sensor is meticulously designed as a direct OE (Original Equipment) replacement. This ensures that the sensor integrates seamlessly into your engine system, restoring your vehicle to its original factory performance levels.

Engineered for Precision:
The precise engineering of the sensor ensures that it mirrors the function of the OE component perfectly. This attention to detail guarantees smooth and powerful engine performance along with enhanced fuel efficiency.

Premium Build Quality:
Constructed with top-grade materials, this sensor promises rugged, long-lasting performance. It is equipped to handle high engine operating temperatures, thanks to its superior heat resistance, ensuring reliability even in extreme conditions.

Additional Components Included:
Holstein goes the extra mile by including essential hardware such as grommets, screws, and other components, where applicable. This ensures a snug fit and a tight seal, preventing any potential leaks or malfunctions.

Warranty Assurance:
The commitment to quality is reflected in the sensor’s warranty. Owners benefit from a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty on all parts from the date of purchase, underscoring Holstein’s trust in its product.

Wide Vehicle Compatibility:
This particular camshaft position sensor is versatile, fitting a variety of vehicles equipped with a 3.2L or 3.6L engine, including various models from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM.

The Holstein 2CAM0371 Camshaft Position Sensor is more than just a component; it’s an embodiment of precision and quality. If you value engine performance and efficiency, this sensor is a pivotal addition to your vehicle’s system. For detailed insights and to explore reviews, click the ?Learn More? button above.

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