Jeep Gladiator GXENOGO 9” Inch Round LED Halo Headlights with DRL


Unique DOT-approved patented design for JL
Plug & Play for 2018+ JL Gladiator JT with adjustable beam angle
Brightness: High beam@4500LM, Low beam@3000LM with 6000K+ color temperature



Turn Heads with GXENOGO’s Exclusive LED Headlights for Jeep!

Seeking a combination of style and performance for your Jeep’s headlights? Look no further! Dive into the exclusive features that make GXENOGO’s headlights a top choice:

Distinctive Design: With its exclusive patented design, the headlights are symmetric post-installation, adding a sharp and unique look to your vehicle.
Easy Installation: Say goodbye to brackets. With a plug & play setup for 2018+ JL Gladiator JT and an included extension harness for DRL, the installation is a breeze.
Optimal Brightness: Light up the road with High beam@4500LM and Low beam@3000LM, combined with a 6000K+ color temperature. Rest assured, you won’t be blinding oncoming traffic thanks to the sharp cut-off line and precise light pattern.
Built to Last: These headlights come with an anti-crash lens and robust aluminum alloy housing. This ensures they stand strong during off-road adventures. Additionally, the integrated cooling system ensures longevity by optimizing heat dissipation.
Weatherproof: Rated at IP67, these headlights promise stellar performance even in extreme conditions. The rebreather valves keep moisture and condensation at bay.
Drive with confidence, style, and the assurance of safety with GXENOGO’s 9” Inch LED Headlights. Illuminate the road ahead like never before!

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