Genuine Chrysler Jeep Transfer Case Lubricant – 32 Fluid Ounces

Enhance your vehicle’s performance and reduce wear with Genuine Chrysler Transfer Case Lubricant.
Recommended for use during gear oil changes.
Effectively addresses limited slip operation issues.
Genuine OEM Chrysler fluid in a convenient new squeeze bottle.



Maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle’s transfer case with Genuine Chrysler Transfer Case Lubricant. This high-quality lubricant is designed to reduce wear, minimize noise, and eliminate chatter, ensuring your transfer case operates smoothly.

Enhanced Performance
Adding this lubricant during gear oil changes enhances the performance of your transfer case. It creates a protective barrier that reduces friction and wear on critical components, contributing to the longevity of your vehicle’s transfer case.

Address Limited Slip Issues
If you’ve experienced improper limited slip operation, this lubricant can help resolve the issue. Its unique formulation provides the necessary properties to ensure your limited slip differential functions correctly.

Genuine OEM Chrysler Fluid
You can trust Genuine Chrysler Transfer Case Lubricant to meet the stringent standards set by Chrysler. It’s a genuine OEM product, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance with your vehicle.

Convenient Squeeze Bottle
The lubricant is conveniently packaged in a new squeeze bottle, making it easy to dispense the right amount without mess or waste. This 32-fluid-ounce (1-quart) bottle provides enough lubricant for most transfer case applications.

For smoother transfer case operation, reduced wear, and improved limited slip performance, Genuine Chrysler Transfer Case Lubricant is the ideal choice. Ensure your vehicle’s transfer case operates at its best by adding this high-quality fluid during gear oil changes. Click the “Learn More” button above for additional details and to read reviews from satisfied users.

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Brand: Chrysler



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