Jeep JL 4WD 4-Door Fabtech Rear Long Arm Kit


Tailored for 2018 Jeep JL 4WD 4-Door models.
Compatible with 3 in. and 5 in. lift kits.
Ensures optimal off-road performance and durability.



The Jeep JL is a symbol of adventure and freedom. For enthusiasts aiming to push their 4WD 4-Door 2018 Jeep JL’s performance to its limits, Fabtech presents its Rear Long Arm Kit. Crafted for supreme off-road excursions, this kit ensures your Jeep is primed for the rugged terrains ahead.

Optimized for Multiple Lift Sizes:
Whether you’re going for a modest 3-inch lift or a bolder 5-inch one, this kit is designed to seamlessly integrate with your chosen setup. Its versatility ensures that Jeep enthusiasts can choose a lift height that suits their adventure needs.

Enhanced Off-road Performance:
A long arm kit is essential for those looking to achieve greater articulation and stability on challenging terrains. With the Fabtech Rear Long Arm Kit, your Jeep JL benefits from improved suspension geometry, ensuring smoother rides even on the bumpiest trails.

The kit is designed to be a perfect fit for specific Fabtech lift models, including PN[K4131M/K4131DL/K4132DL/K4144DL/K4145DL]. This ensures that Jeep owners get a cohesive, reliable, and durable setup for their off-road escapades.

For those aiming to elevate their Jeep’s off-road capability, the Fabtech Rear Long Arm Kit is a crucial addition. Its adaptability, paired with its performance-enhancing attributes, makes it a must-have for Jeep JL lovers. For a deep dive into its features and to glean insights from fellow adventurers, click the “Learn More” button above.

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Brand: Fabtech