Jeep Wheel Adapters 5×4.5 to 5×5 Conversion Kit


BOLT PATTERN ADAPTATION: Convert your Jeep’s bolt pattern for new wheel compatibility.
ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Upgrade handling and traction with a larger tire fitment.
EASY INSTALLATION: Hassle-free bolt-on setup, no special tools required.



Unlock new wheel possibilities for your Jeep with the EZISOE 5×4.5 to 5×5 Wheel Adapters Conversion Kit. Designed to cater to the needs of various Jeep models, this kit enables you to mount 5x127mm wheels onto a 5×114.3mm bolt pattern.


Bolt Pattern Flexibility: Easily transform your bolt pattern, allowing the use of newer wheel options on older Jeep models.
Enhanced Performance: Experience improved handling, increased traction, and a more aggressive appearance by accommodating larger tires.
Effortless Installation: The kit comes with four adapters featuring a hub core of 71.5mm and 1/2″ thread pitch, making installation a straightforward bolt-on process.
Upgrade your Jeep’s performance, aesthetics, and tire compatibility effortlessly with the EZISOE 5×4.5 to 5×5 Wheel Adapters Conversion Kit. Take advantage of this convenient solution to achieve the aggressive look and enhanced performance you desire.

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