DYKESON Dog Car Net Barrier & Storage Bag

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Ensure safe driving by preventing accidents and distractions with the DYKESON Dog Car Net Barrier.
Versatile design keeps pets, kids, and loose items in their designated areas.
Easy installation with included hooks, no drilling or tape required. Also functions as a convenient storage bag for your car.



The DYKESON Dog Car Net Barrier is a must-have for every pet owner and parent who values safety while on the road. This versatile car accessory serves multiple functions to enhance your driving experience.

Key Features:

Accident and Distraction Prevention: Safety always comes first. This pet car barrier helps prevent accidents and distractions caused by restless pets or kids in the vehicle. Drive with peace of mind knowing that everyone is safe and secure in their designated areas.

Four-Sided Elastic Dual Mesh: Crafted from durable polyester with an extra-thick, lightweight dual-mesh design, this upgraded barrier measures 11.7 inches by 11.7 inches when not stretched. Its stretchable design provides a nearly universal fit for most cars and SUVs, ensuring reliable and resilient performance.

Easy Installation: Say goodbye to complicated installations. The DYKESON Dog Car Net Barrier is equipped with four safety hooks that quickly and securely clip to your car’s headrests on the top and the seat from underneath. Within minutes, you’ll have a convenient cargo netting in place, all without the need for drilling, hammering, or tape.

Car Storage Solution: Maximize your car’s interior space with this multifunctional barrier. Install it in the middle gap between the left and right seats or on the seatback to create a practical storage area. Store everything from groceries, purses, and dog toys to tablets and more. This feature is particularly useful on long family road trips, providing a designated place for snacks, juice, bottled water, and other essentials.

What You Get: With your purchase, you’ll receive one DYKESON Dog Barrier for Cars and SUVs, which doubles as a convenient car storage bag. If you encounter any issues with our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you with replacements or provide a full refund for any problems you may encounter.

Enhance your driving safety, keep your pets and kids secure, and enjoy an organized and clutter-free car interior with the DYKESON Dog Car Net Barrier and Storage Bag.

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