DV8 Offroad Spare Tire Mount for Jeep Gladiator JT


Robust spare tire mount for 2020-current Jeep Gladiator JT.
Securely store oversized spare tire in the truck bed for easy access and better vehicle balance.


Upgrade your Jeep Gladiator JT’s storage and accessibility with the DV8 Offroad Spare Tire Mount. Specifically tailored for models from 2020 onwards, it provides a robust solution to store large tires without compromising on space.

Precise Fitment:
Designed with the Jeep Gladiator JT in mind, this tire mount offers a snug fit for models from 2020 to the current year. It provides a stable platform to secure oversized spare rim and tire combinations within the bed of the truck, ensuring they remain in place even in challenging terrains.

Innovative Design:
What differentiates the DV8 Offroad Spare Tire Mount is its ingenious post and clamp mechanism. This design capitalizes on the bed rail and sides of the truck for enhanced strength. Furthermore, by bolting into the bed floor, it promises rigidity and stability. The mount’s versatility shines through its capability to attach to either bed rail, granting users the flexibility to choose its placement based on their needs.

Durability Assured:
Constructed from high-quality steel, the DV8 tire mount promises a long service life. Its resilience is further boosted by a protective black textured powder coat finish. For those looking for a more customized appearance, the finish can be sanded and painted to match the vehicle’s aesthetics.

Hassle-Free Installation:
No more tedious installation processes. With the model TCGL-02, setting up the spare tire mount is straightforward. The package comprises all necessary hardware, ensuring a smooth installation process without the need for drilling.

For Jeep Gladiator JT owners who prioritize utility and functionality, the DV8 Offroad Spare Tire Mount is an invaluable addition. Its sturdy construction, innovative design, and user-friendly features make it a preferred choice for Jeep enthusiasts.

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