Jeep JL DV8 Offroad Differential Skid Plate

Constructed from robust 3/16″ steel for superior durability.
Provides an added layer of protection against off-road elements.
Hassle-free installation with no drilling required.


For off-road enthusiasts and Jeep lovers, safeguarding the underbelly of the vehicle is paramount. The DV8 Offroad Differential Skid Plate is designed to offer that crucial protection, especially when traversing rough terrains.

Robust Construction:
Crafted from sturdy 3/16″ steel, this skid plate promises longevity and resilience. It is further enhanced with a 2-stage powder coat finish, ensuring UV and corrosion resistance. This ensures the product can withstand the harsh elements of off-roading and still maintain its appearance and functionality.

Enhanced Protection:
The undercarriage of the Jeep, especially the axle housing, is vulnerable to damage from rocks, logs, and other off-road obstacles. This skid plate acts as a robust barrier, shielding the differential from potential harm and giving the driver peace of mind during their adventures.

User-Friendly Installation:
Understanding the needs of the outdoor enthusiast, DV8 ensures that installing the skid plate is a breeze. There’s no need for drilling, and though an extra pair of hands might make the process smoother, it’s designed for straightforward installation.

Compatibility Note:
Specifically designed for the Dana 44 axle, this skid plate seamlessly fits the 18-22 Wrangler JL models. However, for those with aftermarket differential covers offering extended capacity, there might be fitment concerns.

DV8 Offroad Commitment:
DV8 takes pride in its commitment to quality and affordability. Every product, designed and tested in the USA, is a testament to the brand’s dedication to offering top-notch off-road equipment without breaking the bank.

The DV8 Offroad Differential Skid Plate is an essential accessory for every Jeep Wrangler JL owner who loves to tread the off-road path. Durability, protection, and ease-of-installation ? it brings everything to the table. For a more comprehensive overview and to read user reviews, don?t hesitate to click the ?Learn More? button above.

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DV8 Offroad


DV8 Offroad