DV8 Offroad Chase Rack for Jeep Gladiator JT


Elevate your Jeep Gladiator JT’s utility and style with the DV8 Offroad Chase Rack RRGL-01.
Designed to fit the 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator JT, this chase rack offers enhanced cargo capacity and a rugged appearance.
Upgrade your adventure-ready vehicle with the DV8 Offroad Chase Rack.


Experience unmatched versatility and a bold look for your Jeep Gladiator JT with the DV8 Offroad Chase Rack RRGL-01. This well-engineered chase rack provides the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Enhanced Cargo Capacity:
The DV8 Offroad Chase Rack offers additional cargo space, allowing you to carry essential gear and equipment for your off-road journeys. It’s designed to accommodate various items securely and efficiently.

Rugged Aesthetics:
Built with a rugged design, this chase rack not only adds functionality but also enhances the aesthetics of your Jeep Gladiator JT. Stand out on the trails with the DV8 Offroad Chase Rack’s distinctive look.

Easy Installation:
Designed for a hassle-free setup, the DV8 Offroad Chase Rack can be easily installed on your 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator JT. Get ready for your adventures without the need for complicated modifications.

Customizable Options:
The DV8 Offroad Chase Rack RRGL-01 is compatible with various accessories, allowing you to personalize your setup according to your needs. Tailor your chase rack to suit your unique requirements.

Durable Construction:
Crafted with durability in mind, this chase rack is built to withstand the demands of off-road environments. It’s constructed from high-quality materials to ensure it holds up to the challenges you’ll face on your adventures.

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