Jeep Wrangler Xislet Doorless Side Mirror Replacement


Ensures legal and safe driving when doors are off.
Features an upgraded notched ball joint for reduced vibration.
Lightweight design minimizes wind noise.



Legal and Safe Driving
For all the Jeep lovers who adore the experience of driving with the doors off, these mirrors are crucial. They not only encapsulate the rugged spirit of off-road adventures but also ensure you’re adhering to state laws which mandate at least two rear-facing mirrors. Hence, you can enjoy your drive without any legal hassles.

Upgraded Stability
The Xislet sideview mirror for doorless Jeep comes with an upgraded notched ball joint. This is designed to embed seamlessly into the mounting bracket. As a result, any bothersome vibrations typically associated with hinge mirrors are considerably reduced.

Lightweight Yet Robust
While these mirrors are designed to be lightweight, there’s no compromise on their sturdiness. The single support bar design is deliberate – it substantially reduces the whistling effect or wind noise that can be annoying during high-speed drives. Additionally, the thick ABS housing, combined with real glass, ensures that the mirrors are not just lightweight but also extremely durable.

Effortless Installation
For those who frequently drive their Jeeps without doors, these mirrors are a boon. The installation process is streamlined, with clear instructions and an included dual head wrench. It’s all designed to get you back on the road faster.

Compatibility Note
It’s essential to ensure compatibility before purchase. Do check the door hinge inner diameter. Please note that this set of doorless mirrors might not fit some models and years of TJ, CJ, YJ, and JKU if the hinged inner diameter is 3/8″ or 9.5mm.

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