Design Engineering Fuel Rail and Injector Cover for Jeep 4.0L Engine


Optimized for 1997-2004 Jeep models with the inline 6 motor.
Primarily reduces fuel rail and injector heat sink, effectively minimizing vapor lock risks and maintaining a cooler fuel flow.


Enhance the efficiency of your Jeep’s 4.0L Engine with Design Engineering’s Fuel Rail and Injector Cover Kit. Specifically crafted for 1997-2004 Jeep models, this kit promises improved performance by regulating fuel temperature and preventing vapor locks.

Optimal Heat Management:
At the core of its design, this kit targets the reduction of fuel rail and injector heat sink. By doing so, it minimizes the risk of vapor lock ? a situation where fuel evaporates before reaching the engine. By ensuring the fuel remains cool, the kit guarantees optimal combustion and improved engine performance.

Comprehensive Kit:
The kit leaves no stone unturned. It features:

Manifold Heat Shield: This glass fiber-backed heat barrier boasts a thick aluminum skin, providing robust heat protection.
Fuel Rail Heat Cover: This component focuses on the fuel rail, ensuring it remains at an optimal temperature.
Fuel Injector Covers: The package includes size-specific fuel injector covers. These are engineered to reflect engine heat, ensuring your fuel injectors remain cool and functional.
Fuel Injector O-rings: A total of 12 O-rings are part of the package, sealing the deal ? quite literally!
Ease of Installation:
One of the standout features of the Design Engineering kit is its easy installation process. The hook and loop design ensures that you can swiftly set up the components without any hassle.

For Jeep enthusiasts or anyone keen on enhancing the performance of their 4.0L Engine, the Design Engineering Fuel Rail and Injector Cover Kit is an invaluable addition. With its focus on temperature regulation and a comprehensive set of components, it promises not only better engine performance but also increased longevity.

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