Jeep JL 180-Degree Light Mount Bracket by Carr

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Tool-free easy lighting adjustment.
Dual light setup for 360? illumination.
Rugged design with durable powder coat protection.


Optimize your off-road experience with the Carr’s JL 180-Degree Light Mount Bracket. Whether you’re camping, enjoying recreational activities, or tackling tough terrains, this bracket ensures maximum visibility and flexibility.

Easy Light Adjustment:
Bid goodbye to cumbersome tools when adjusting your lights. This bracket allows drivers to seamlessly adjust their lighting on the fly, ensuring optimal illumination based on specific needs or changing conditions.

360? Coverage:
With the capacity to hold two lights, this bracket offers a comprehensive 360? coverage. Whether you’re setting up camp or navigating dark trails, you’re guaranteed even and far-reaching light dispersion, minimizing shadows and blind spots.

Rugged Durability:
Built for the wild, this light mount bracket boasts a durable powder coat. This not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also offers superior corrosion protection. Whether exposed to rain, snow, or scorching sun, the bracket remains steadfast and unyielding.

180? Rotating Feature:
Versatility at its best, the on-the-fly 180? rotating feature ensures you can instantly change the direction of your lights. Whether you want to focus on the path ahead, light up the sides, or illuminate the campsite, this bracket offers you full control.

Antenna Cut Feature:
Thoughtfully designed, this bracket also features an antenna cut, ensuring there’s no interference with your vehicle’s antenna, and you remain connected, even in remote areas.

The Carr’s JL 180-Degree Light Mount Bracket is more than just a mount; it’s a promise of versatility, durability, and enhanced off-road experiences. Dive deeper into its features, benefits, and reviews by clicking the ?Learn More? button above.

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