Borne Off-Road Jeep Wrangler JL Snorkel

Enhance your Jeep Wrangler JL’s off-road capabilities
Borne Off-Road MMAI-JL-18N Snorkel designed for 2018+
Elevate your adventures with improved air intake


Unleash the full off-road potential of your Jeep Wrangler JL with the Borne Off-Road MMAI-JL-18N Snorkel. This rugged and purpose-built snorkel is tailored for the 2018 and newer Wrangler JL models, offering enhanced performance and the ability to conquer challenging terrain with confidence.

Off-Road Performance Enhancement
When you venture off the beaten path, proper air intake becomes crucial. The Borne Off-Road Snorkel allows your Jeep Wrangler JL to breathe clean, filtered air even in dusty or muddy conditions. With improved air intake, your engine can perform at its best, delivering the power you need to conquer any off-road obstacle.

Durable Construction
Crafted with durability in mind, the Borne Off-Road Snorkel is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the toughest off-road conditions. It’s designed to resist water intrusion, ensuring that your engine remains protected during river crossings and deep mud adventures.

Custom Fit for Jeep Wrangler JL
This snorkel is specifically designed to fit Jeep Wrangler JL models from 2018 onward. Its precision engineering guarantees a seamless and secure fit, maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s design while providing maximum functionality.

Elevate Your Off-Road Adventures
Whether you’re a seasoned off-road enthusiast or just starting your off-road journey, the Borne Off-Road MMAI-JL-18N Snorkel is an essential accessory for enhancing your Jeep’s capabilities. Elevate your adventures, explore new terrain, and tackle challenging trails with confidence, knowing that your Wrangler JL is equipped with the best in air intake technology.

Upgrade your Jeep Wrangler JL for off-road excellence with the Borne Off-Road Snorkel. Ensure your engine breathes clean air, and take on any adventure that comes your way. Click the “Learn More” button above for additional details and to explore how this snorkel can transform your off-road experiences.

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