Bestop Black Twill 2-Piece Fabric Rear Doors for Jeep Wrangler JL & Gladiator


Weather Protection: Shield yourself from the elements with 2-piece fabric doors, offering rain and wind protection.
Flexibility: Enjoy the option of using the lower soft door for improved airflow and easy access.
Heavy-Duty Zippers: Upper half door features reliable heavy-duty zippers for secure closure.



Elevate your Jeep Wrangler JL or Jeep Gladiator with the Bestop Black Twill 2-Piece Fabric Rear Doors. These doors not only provide vital weather protection but also offer a versatile solution to suit your driving needs. With enhanced features like heavy-duty zippers and clear vinyl windows, these doors deliver both reliability and visibility.


Weather Protection: Safeguard yourself and your passengers from diverse weather conditions, including rain and wind, courtesy of the 2-piece fabric doors.
Flexibility: Experience flexibility by opting for the lower soft door alone. This allows for improved airflow and convenient entry to your vehicle.
Heavy-Duty Zippers: The upper half door boasts heavy-duty zippers, ensuring steadfast closure even during off-road journeys or bumpy rides.
Clear Vinyl Windows: Equipped with clear vinyl windows, these doors provide unobstructed visibility, letting you enjoy the scenic surroundings.
Bestop Paddle Care: Embrace the convenience of Bestop Paddle Care for Door Latches, ensuring seamless operation and prolonged latch life.
Compatibility: Designed to work flawlessly with both the Trektop and factory soft tops, these doors offer versatile compatibility with varying roof options.
Snug Fit: Achieve a secure and rattle-free experience with adjustable lower door pins and door collars. Velcro securely fastens the upper and lower doors together.
Complete Set: Sold in pairs, these rear doors ensure both sides of your vehicle are equipped. The package includes all essential components for a hassle-free installation.
Enhance the functionality and style of your Jeep Wrangler JL or Jeep Gladiator with the Bestop Black Twill 2-Piece Fabric Rear Doors. Experience uncompromising weather protection, unmatched flexibility, and a secure fit, all while benefiting from Bestop’s renowned durability and reliability.

Jeep Wrangler rear doors, weather protection, flexibility, heavy-duty zippers, clear vinyl windows




Tom Bradley started Bestop in a small upholstery shop in Boulder, Colorado in 1954. Working out of an old brick schoolhouse with seven employees, Bestop quickly developed a reputation for quality and the word spread. During the next ten years, Bestop continued to grow and its canvas soft tops were distributed throughout the United States, and even internationally. More than 65 years later, Bestop is the leading manufacturer of premium soft tops for Jeep Wranglers and CJ's in the world, and has been the sole supplier of factory soft tops for Jeep Wranglers for more than three decades running.
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