Bedrug Classic Bed Mat for Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ – Charcoal Grey


Carpet-like look and feel
Replaces OEM carpet with a custom-molded fit
Easy installation and removal
Excellent noise and heat insulation



Enhance your 1997 – 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ with the Bedrug Classic Bed Mat in Charcoal Grey. This high-quality bed mat not only looks and feels like carpet but also offers superior functionality. It replaces your OEM carpet with a custom-molded fit, making installation and removal a breeze. Experience excellent noise and heat insulation while ensuring your Jeep’s interior remains stylish and comfortable. Explore the features that make this bed mat a must-have for Jeep enthusiasts.

Key Features:

Carpet-Like Look and Feel:
The Bedrug Classic Bed Mat is designed to mimic the appearance and texture of carpet, adding a touch of luxury to your Jeep’s interior. Enjoy the comfort and style of carpet without sacrificing functionality.

Custom-Molded Perfect Fit:
This bed mat is custom molded to perfectly fit your Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ, including models with a center console and heat shields. Say goodbye to ill-fitting mats, as this one is designed to seamlessly integrate into your vehicle.

Easy Installation and Removal:
Installing and removing this bed mat is a hassle-free process. You can have it in place in no time, and if needed, it can be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance.

Noise and Heat Insulation:
Experience a quieter and more comfortable ride with the excellent noise and heat insulation provided by this bed mat. It helps keep unwanted sounds and heat at bay, ensuring a pleasant driving experience.

Waterproof and Mold-Resistant:
Constructed from 100% polypropylene, this bed mat is fully waterproof and resistant to mold. It can withstand the elements and maintain its durability in various conditions.

Elevate your Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ’s interior with the Bedrug Classic Bed Mat in Charcoal Grey. Enjoy a carpet-like look and feel, custom-molded fit, easy installation, and superior insulation properties. Say goodbye to OEM carpet and hello to style and functionality. Don’t miss out on this essential upgrade for your Jeep. Click the “Learn More” button above to access additional details and read reviews from satisfied Jeep enthusiasts.

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Brand: Bedrug