3D Round Metal Car Badge for Jeep: Beach and Flip Flop Rated


Premium 3D metal design for durability and aesthetics.
Perfectly sized at 4×4 inches for versatile applications.
Compatible with various vehicles, including motorcycles and trucks.


Elevate the look of your vehicle with the Beach and Flip Flop Rated 3D Round Metal Car Badges. These badges aren’t just car stickers; they’re an emblem of your adventurous spirit and love for the beach lifestyle.

High-Quality Metal Design:
Crafted with precision, each badge showcases a 3D design made of high-quality metal, ensuring longevity and resistance to the elements. The polished finish ensures they remain gleaming, making your vehicle stand out.

Versatile Size and Compatibility:
Measuring 4×4 inches, these badges are optimally sized to fit a variety of surfaces, be it the bumper of your truck, the side of your motorcycle, or the door of your car. Designed with versatility in mind, they can adorn almost any vehicle, echoing your love for the beach.

Distinctive Beach and Flip Flop Rated:
These aren’t just any badges. The Beach Rated and Flip Flop Rated designs reflect a lifestyle choice. Whether you’re a beach lover, a wanderer, or someone who believes in the flip flop way of life, these badges resonate with the carefree spirit in you.

Simple Application:
Designed for ease, these badges come with strong adhesive backings that ensure secure attachment to your vehicle’s surface. Just clean the desired area, peel off the backing, and attach the badge. The strong bond ensures they remain affixed, irrespective of the terrains you tackle.

If the call of the sea echoes in your ears and the feel of sand between your toes is your idea of bliss, these badges are for you. A simple yet powerful statement of your lifestyle, they make your vehicle a reflection of you. Interested in a badge that speaks your language? Click on ?Learn More? above.

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