BBK High Flow Power Plus Series 62mm Throttle Body for Jeep 4.0L


Top aftermarket performance brand, designed and built in the USA
Amplifies airflow to enhance horsepower and throttle response
Ideal for vehicles with modifications, especially cold air intakes and exhaust systems


Elevate your Jeep’s performance with BBK’s Power Plus Series Throttle Body, a benchmark in aftermarket vehicle upgrades. Expertly designed and built in the USA, this product promises not only improved performance but also an unmatched longevity.

America’s #1 Aftermarket Performance Brand:
BBK stands out as the leading aftermarket performance brand in the USA. Every component is American-designed and constructed, ensuring top-tier quality and dedication to excellence.

Augmented Airflow and Power:
With the High Flow Power Plus Series 62mm Throttle Body, experience a marked improvement in airflow, subsequently boosting horsepower and enhancing throttle response beyond the stock levels.

Tailored for Modified Vehicles:
This throttle body is the perfect complement for vehicles that have undergone or are slated for modifications, especially when integrating cold air intakes and exhaust systems.

Premium Construction:
Crafted using a new CNC machined casting and assembled with components that surpass OEM standards, this throttle body ensures years of smooth, hassle-free performance.

Swift and Simple Installation:
Skip the long hours at the auto shop. With basic hand tools, you can effortlessly replace the factory unit in under 30 minutes, making the upgrade process straightforward and painless.

BBK’s 62mm Throttle Body – High Flow Power Plus Series is a testament to innovative engineering and top-notch craftsmanship. It?s not just about enhancing vehicle performance; it?s about ensuring that the enhancement is long-lasting and reliable. Dive deeper into its exceptional features and check out reviews by clicking the ?Learn More? button above.

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