Jeep Wrangler Barricade Off-Road Rock Sliders


Offers comprehensive side and undercarriage protection.
Doubles as a convenient stepping platform.
Heavy-duty stainless steel construction for lasting durability.



Robust Protection
Navigating challenging terrains is a staple of the Jeep Wrangler lifestyle, but it’s crucial to ensure your vehicle is well-equipped for the adventure. Our Barricade Off-Road Rock Sliders are engineered to provide maximum protection to your Jeep’s sides and undercarriage, so you can explore those off-the-beaten-path locations with peace of mind.

Multi-Functional Design
While protecting your vehicle is our primary aim, we understand the practical day-to-day requirements as well. These sliders are not just armor for your Jeep; they also serve as a convenient step. This is especially useful for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who frequently climbs in and out of their vehicle.

Durable Construction
When we say heavy-duty, we mean it. These rock sliders are constructed with 2-inch tubular stainless steel. The steel is coated with a textured black powder finish, which not only adds to the aesthetic but also provides an extra layer of resilience against the elements.

Easy Installation
Installation doesn’t get simpler than this. The bolt-on design ensures that you can quickly install these rock sliders yourself, allowing you more time for your outdoor adventures.

With a blend of durability and practical design, the Barricade Off-Road Rock Sliders are a must-have addition to your Jeep Wrangler. Click the “Learn More” button above to delve deeper into what makes this product a cut above the rest, and read reviews from fellow Jeep enthusiasts who have made this upgrade part of their lifestyle.

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