Jeep JL ARB Air Operated Locking Differential for Dana Spicer 30


Precision-engineered for Front Jeep Wrangler JK & JL non-Rubicon models.
Designed for use with 27 spline axles, optimized for 3.73 and up gears.
Effortless activation via a dash-mounted switch, ensuring superior off-road performance.



Unlock Superior Off-Road Performance:

Tackling challenging terrains requires not only skill but also cutting-edge equipment. The Jeep JL ARB Air Operated Locking Differential for Dana Spicer 30 promises to be a game-changer for off-road enthusiasts and Jeep lovers.

Perfect Compatibility:
Tailored to perfectly fit the Front Jeep Wrangler JK (both 2 Door & 4 Door non Rubicon models) and Jeep Wrangler JL Non Rubicon, this differential ensures seamless integration and optimal performance.

Engineered for Excellence:
Specifically designed for use with 27 spline axles and gears of 3.73 and up, this differential system ensures maximum power distribution. Whether you’re traversing rocky paths or muddy trails, this system ensures your Jeep’s wheels receive 100% power, providing an edge over challenging terrains.

Easy Activation:
Simplicity and efficiency lie at the core of its design. With just a flick of a dash-mounted switch, compressed air is channeled to the seal housing assembly through a nylon air line. This mechanism effectively converts your differential from a standard open type to a full spool type, ensuring unparalleled off-road prowess.

Additional Requirements:
For the system to work seamlessly, an ARB onboard air compressor is essential to activate the Air Lockers. Please note that this compressor is sold separately.

Equip your Jeep with the ARB Air Operated Locking Differential and experience off-roading like never before. Superior grip, power distribution, and efficiency ? it’s everything an off-road enthusiast dreams of. Dive deeper into its features and user reviews by clicking the ?Learn More? button above.

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