Jeep Go Rhino Hood Hinge Mount for 30″ LED Bar


Designed specifically for 30″ LED bars
Hassle-free installation with no drilling required
Enhances off-road visibility with elevated light positioning

Brand:Go Rhino


For the avid off-roader, visibility in low light conditions is paramount. Enhance your nighttime driving experience with the Go Rhino Hood Hinge Mount designed specifically for 30″ LED bars. No more struggling with complicated mounting or worrying about damaging your vehicle.

Effortless Installation:
One of the main highlights of the Go Rhino Hood Hinge Mount is the ease of installation. Forget about cumbersome setups or the need for drilling into your precious vehicle. This mount is designed to attach seamlessly, ensuring your LED bar is stable and secure.

Optimal Light Positioning:
By mounting your LED bar on the hood hinge, you?re ensuring optimal elevation. This placement not only gives your vehicle an aggressive look but also ensures that the light is dispersed farther and wider, enhancing your field of vision during off-road adventures.

Durable Construction:
Off-roading is all about rough terrains and challenging conditions. The Go Rhino Hood Hinge Mount is built to withstand these challenges. Its robust construction ensures it remains steadfast, irrespective of the bumps and jolts of the journey.

While the mount is tailored for 30″ LED bars, it?s worth noting that the lights are not included, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred LED bar brand or design, ensuring the perfect match for your vehicle’s aesthetics and your lighting needs.

The Go Rhino Hood Hinge Mount for 30″ LED bars is an indispensable accessory for those who take nighttime off-roading seriously. With its blend of durability, ease of installation, and optimal light positioning, it?s a small investment for a significantly enhanced driving experience. For more information and to read reviews from fellow off-road enthusiasts, click the “Learn More” button above.

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Brand: Go Rhino!


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