Jeep AMP Research Gladiator Retractable Bumper Step


Precision stainless steel pivot pins for utmost stability.
Corrosion-resistant due to anodizing and coating.
Offers secure footing with a non-slip, glass-reinforced composite step pad.


For those seeking an efficient and safe way to access their Jeep Gladiator’s truck bed, the AMP Research Retractable Bumper Step is the ideal solution. This specially designed accessory enhances the functionality of your vehicle, ensuring seamless operations in all conditions.

Precision Stainless Steel Pivot Pins:
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bumper step features stainless steel pivot pins. These pins promise rock-solid stability, ensuring the step remains firm and stable, irrespective of the weight it supports or the terrain it’s used on.

Corrosion-Resistant Construction:
Durability is a key feature of the AMP Research Bumper Step. Constructed using die-cast aluminum alloy linkage components, it’s built to last. Further, its anodized and coated finish ensures it remains free from corrosion, promising a long lifespan even when exposed to the elements.

Rigid Non-Slip Step Pad:
Safety is paramount, especially in challenging conditions. The bumper step’s glass-reinforced composite step pad guarantees a non-slip surface. Whether you’re dealing with mud, snow, or wet conditions, this feature ensures secure footing, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Simple Installation:
You won’t need to invest hours or seek professional help to install this accessory. Designed for a hassle-free experience, it offers a straightforward 10-minute, no-drill bolt-on installation. Within minutes, your Jeep Gladiator will be equipped with a functional and safe retractable bumper step.

High Load Capacity:
The strength of the AMP Research Bumper Step is evident in its load capacity. Capable of supporting up to 301 pounds, it caters to a wide range of needs, ensuring you can utilize your truck bed efficiently without concerns about the step’s durability.

The AMP Research Retractable Bumper Step is an indispensable accessory for every Jeep Gladiator owner. It combines functionality with safety, ensuring easy access to your truck bed in all conditions. To explore its features further or to read reviews from fellow Jeep enthusiasts, click the “Learn More” button above.

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