American Unlimited Melting Skull Neon Spare Tire Cover

Vibrant neon-colored melting wax skeleton skull design
Fits 33-inch spare tires
Easy, no-tool installation with heavy-duty bungee cord


Add a bold and eye-catching statement to your vehicle with the American Unlimited Melting Skull Neon Spare Tire Cover. This unique tire cover boasts a striking design featuring a melting wax skeleton skull in vibrant neon colors, making it the perfect accessory for those who want to stand out on the road.

Easy Installation: Installing and removing this spare tire cover is a breeze, and you won’t need any tools. It comes with a heavy-duty bungee cord that ensures a quick and secure fit on your trailer tire cover.

Size Compatibility: Before ordering, make sure to check your tire size. This tire cover is designed to fit common sizes, including 275/70R17 (33-inch), 245/75r17 (32-inch), 255/70r17 (32-inch), and more. Please refer to the sidewall of your tire for accurate sizing.

Backup Camera Compatibility: If your vehicle is a 2018-2021 model equipped with a backup camera, consider a JL tire cover. The rear tire cover not only protects your tire but also adds a stylish touch to your vehicle’s rear end.

Proudly Made in the USA: Show your patriotic spirit with this spare tire cover. It is proudly printed in the USA with American pride. The American flag tire cover design reflects your love for the country.

Elevate your vehicle’s style and protect your spare tire with the American Unlimited Melting Skull Neon Spare Tire Cover. Whether you’re hitting the road or parked, this tire cover is sure to turn heads and spark conversations.

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Brand: American Unlimited


American Unlimited