ALIEN SUNSHADE Premium Paracord Jeep Grab Handles


Crafted using premium-grade paracord material for durability
Convenient installation with three adjustable straps
Compatible with Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator Roll Bars


Experience enhanced accessibility and safety in your Jeep with the ALIEN SUNSHADE Premium Paracord Jeep Grab Handles. Meticulously designed to offer superior grip, these handles amplify your Jeep’s interior aesthetics and functionality.

Unparalleled Durability:
Constructed using premium-grade paracord, these grab handles exhibit resilience against wear and tear, promising longevity. Whether you’re venturing on rugged terrains or cruising through the city, these handles stand strong.

Easy Installation:
Say goodbye to cumbersome installations. With three adjustable straps, setting up these grab handles is a breeze. They seamlessly latch onto the roll bars, ensuring a snug fit, without any wobbles or loose ends.

Universal Compatibility:
Crafted to perfection, these grab handles are not confined to a specific Jeep model. They are designed to flawlessly fit both Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator Roll Bars. Whether you own a classic Wrangler or the majestic Gladiator, these handles are your perfect companions.

Superior Grip:
Safety remains paramount with ALIEN SUNSHADE. The grip handle on these accessories is meticulously designed to offer an ergonomic hold. Whether you’re climbing in or steadying yourself on a bumpy ride, these grab handles ensure you have something sturdy to hold onto.

A Touch of Elegance:
Beyond functionality, these grab handles also bring a dash of style to your Jeep’s interiors. The paracord design, coupled with the iconic ALIEN SUNSHADE branding, adds a touch of rugged elegance, aligning with your Jeep’s persona.

The ALIEN SUNSHADE Premium Paracord Jeep Grab Handles seamlessly merge durability, style, and functionality. Whether it’s for enhanced accessibility, safety, or just an aesthetic upgrade, these handles are a quintessential addition to your Jeep. Dive into the gallery to catch a glimpse of this masterpiece in action.

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