Airaid Jeep JK Cold Air Intake System

Boosts horsepower for enhanced driving experience.
Superior filtration system ensures clean and uninterrupted air intake.
Perfectly tailored for the Jeep JK model, ensuring a snug fit and optimal functionality.



Embrace the rugged spirit of your Jeep with the Airaid Jeep JK Cold Air Intake System. Designed with the outdoor enthusiast and Jeep lover in mind, this is not just any intake system ? it’s a game-changer.

Increased Horsepower for the Adventure Ahead:
Looking to power up your off-road adventures? This intake system is engineered to boost your Jeep JK’s horsepower, making those uphill climbs and challenging terrains feel like a breeze. Experience more power, efficiency, and an unmatched driving experience, whether you’re on a campsite or on rocky trails.

Superior Filtration for a Cleaner Drive:
Air purity is paramount when it comes to engine performance. The Airaid Cold Air Intake System is armed with a state-of-the-art filtration mechanism that sieves out contaminants, ensuring that only the purest air reaches your engine. This not only prolongs the life of your engine but also enhances its efficiency and performance.

Tailored for Your Jeep JK:
Each Airaid Cold Air Intake System is meticulously designed to fit the Jeep JK model perfectly. This ensures a hassle-free installation and a snug fit, making it an indispensable accessory for every Jeep JK owner.

Elevate the performance of your Jeep JK with the Airaid Cold Air Intake System. For those yearning for more power, cleaner engine performance, and an overall enhanced driving experience, this product is a must-have. Curious about what other Jeep enthusiasts have to say? Click the ?Learn More? button above to dive deeper into its features and read user reviews.

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Brand: Airaid



Airaid is a brand of aftermarket automotive performance products. The company produces a wide range of products for various vehicles, including air intake systems, exhaust systems, and engine management systems. Airaid was founded in 1997 and is based in Glendora, California. The company's products are designed and manufactured in-house, and are intended to improve the performance, reliability, and efficiency of vehicles. Airaid's products are used in a variety of applications, including racing, off-road driving, and street performance.