Jeep JK aFe Power Momentum GT Performance Intake System


Boosts performance with up to 47% better airflow than factory intake.
Produces an additional 12 horsepower and 11 lbs. x ft. torque.
Comes with a 5-layer oiled, washable cotton gauze filter for maximum airflow.

Brand:aFe Power


Experience the ultimate blend of power and performance with the aFe Power Momentum GT Performance Intake System for Jeep JK. Engineered to outperform, this intake system is your answer to an adrenaline-pumping drive, whether you’re navigating city streets or rugged trails.

Enhanced Performance
Taking your driving experience a notch higher, this intake system boasts a 47% better airflow compared to the factory intake. You get an extra punch of 12 horsepower and 11 lbs. x ft. torque, ensuring your Jeep JK always has that edge.

5-Layer Oiled Filter
The system’s crown jewel is its 5-layer progressively finer oiled, washable cotton gauze filter. It’s designed to ensure the smoothest airflow, unlocking your engine’s full potential. And, being washable, it promises longevity and sustainability, offering a perfect blend of performance and economy.

One-Piece Sealed Housing
Installation is a breeze, thanks to the one-piece sealed housing with a unique (patent pending) filter-to-housing interface. More than ease, this design ensures the coldest air intake by preventing engine heat from compromising the process.

Dyno-Tuned Intake Tube and Air Scoop
The CAD-designed, dyno-tuned roto-molded intake tube paired with an auxiliary air scoop ensures optimized airflow, translating to better engine response and performance.

50-State Legal
Worried about emissions? This intake system is 50-state legal, meeting the stringent CARB E.O Number D-550-22. Drive with confidence, even in emissions-restricted areas.

Additional Benefits
The filter is not just high-performance; it’s reusable. Clean and reinstall as required, saving costs in the long run. Plus, this product boasts of made-in-the-USA craftsmanship, assuring you of its quality and durability.

Elevate your Jeep JK’s performance with the aFe Power Momentum GT Performance Intake System. This CARB-compliant, US-manufactured system promises not just increased power, but also longevity and ease of maintenance. For further details and to see what fellow Jeep enthusiasts are saying, click the “Learn More” button above.

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Brand: aFe Power


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