50 Inch Light Bar Mounting Brackets for JL


Ample room to hold 50-inch straight LED light bar and 2PCS led pods.
Stylish appearance enhances the aggressive offroad look.
Provides stability and protection with sponge gaskets and DV8 OFFROAD bolt.


Elevate the appearance and functionality of your Jeep with the 50 Inch Light Bar Mounting Brackets for JL. Designed specifically for the modern offroad enthusiast, these brackets are the perfect addition to the 2018-2021 JL model Jeep Wranglers.

Generous Room Design:
These front windshield mounting brackets aren’t just about aesthetics. They’ve been crafted with functionality in mind, providing ample room to securely hold a 50-inch straight LED light bar. Additionally, you can mount 2PCS LED pods on the right and left side A pillars, ensuring a well-lit path for safer and more enjoyable offroad adventures.

Stylish and Durable:
Transform your vehicle with a chic, sophisticated look that screams aggression and offroad prowess. The top-quality powder coatings ensure that these brackets don’t just look good but are also rust-resistant, guaranteeing an extended lifespan and durability.

Stability and Protection:
Stability is a major concern when it comes to offroad accessories. These brackets are accompanied by sponge gaskets and the reputable DV8 OFFROAD bolt. This ensures not only a firm installation of your LED light bar but also offers maximum protection to your vehicle’s paint.

Vehicle Compatibility:
Designed specifically for 2018 and newer Jeep Wranglers (JL Model), these brackets flawlessly fit the contours of your vehicle. It’s crucial to note that they are compatible with any standard 50-inch STRAIGHT LED Light bar and are not suitable for a 50-inch curved light bar.

Your Jeep deserves accessories that match its caliber, and these light bar mounting brackets are just that. Dive into the world of improved visibility and enhanced aesthetics. Click the ?Learn More? button above for detailed information and reviews from fellow offroad enthusiasts.

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Brand: Offroad Luminosity Collection


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