Bulge Cone Acorn Taper Seat Lug Nuts (Pack of 24)

A pack of 24 lug nuts designed for compatibility with a range of vehicle models.
Features a 14×1.5 thread size and a cone seat design.
This set promises a robust and reliable attachment while not being a direct OEM replacement but offers equivalent quality.



Secure Your Wheels in Style:
Upgrade the security and look of your wheels with our 24-pack of 14×1.5 Bulge Cone Acorn Taper Seat Lug Nuts. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, from Jeep Wranglers to Cadillacs, this set has been tailored to fit seamlessly.

Vehicle Compatibility:
This set is specially designed for:

Jeep: Wrangler JL (2018+), Gladiator JT (2019+)
Cadillac: Escalade (1999-2019), Escalade ESV (2003-2018)
Chevrolet: Avalanche series, C2500 6-Lug, K1500, K2500 6-Lug, Suburban 1500, and Tahoe
GMC: Savana 1500, Sierra 1500, Yukon series.
Note: It’s essential to verify that your vehicle has M14x1.5 14×1.5mm studs before purchase.

Key Specifications:

Thread Size & Pitch: 14×1.5
Seat Type: Cone Seat
Hex Size: 19mm (3/4″”)
Style: Long, Bulge Closed Lug Nuts
Important Information:
Before making a purchase, always ensure to compare the size and seat of your existing lug nuts with the specifications provided. Not all OEM wheels will be compatible with these lug nuts, especially those with wider lug seats. Remember, your safety is paramount. The right lug nuts play a crucial role in ensuring your wheel/tire assembly stays secure.

Package Details:
Each package contains 24 Long, Bulge Closed Lug Nuts packed in a compact, portable box. For installation, you’ll require specific tools, including a floor jack, torque wrench, and a 19mm (3/4″”) Hex Socket Key Tool.

Quality You Can Trust:
While our lug nuts are not OEM replacements for popular brands like Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, and Ford, they match OEM quality, ensuring you receive a high-quality product without the high-end price tag.

Purchase Now:
Choose our 24-piece 14×1.5 Lug Nuts Bulge Cone Acorn Taper Seat set for a secure and stylish upgrade for your vehicle’s wheels. Perfect for 6-Lug Wheels!

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