Extended Spline Lug Nuts Pack


A pack of 24 Extended Spline Lug Nuts, perfect for multiple vehicles.
Comes with a 2″ length and 0.91″ width and includes a socket key.
Not a direct OEM replacement but offers comparable, if not superior, quality.


Essential Upgrade for Your Vehicle:
Seeking to revamp the look or enhance the security of your wheels? This 24-pack of 14×1.5 Extended Spline Lug Nuts is the perfect fit for a wide range of vehicles. Whether you own a Jeep Gladiator JT, a Chevrolet Tahoe, or a GMC Yukon, this set has got you covered.

Compatibility Highlights:
These lug nuts are compatible with a vast array of car models, including but not limited to:

Jeep: Wrangler JL (2018+), Gladiator JT (2019+)
Cadillac: Escalade (1999-2019), Escalade ESV (2003-2018)
Chevy: Avalanche (2007-2013), Avalanche 1500 (2002-2006), C2500 6-Lug (1988-2000), and more.
GMC: Savana 1500 (2003-2014), Sierra 1500 (2007-2020), Yukon (2000-2020), etc.
Key Specifications:

Total Length: 2.00 inches
Thread Size & Pitch: 14×1.5
Seat Type: Cone Seat
Hex Size: Spline
Style: Long Spline, Closed End Lug Nuts
An Important Note:
Before making a purchase, always ensure to verify the size and seat of your current lug nuts. It’s crucial to understand that these nuts may not be compatible with all OEM wheels or those with larger lug seats.

Safety Comes First:
Lug nuts play a pivotal role in the safety of your vehicle. Installing the correct size is not only essential but also crucial for the safety of your vehicle on the road. Using the wrong lug nuts can result in the wheel/tire assembly becoming loose or even falling off.

Package Details:
The package comprises 24 Long Spline, Closed End Lug Nuts, all neatly packed in a compact and portable box. For the installation, you’ll require specific tools, which include a floor jack and a torque wrench. The included Spline Hex Socket Key Tool ensures that the installation process is a breeze.

Quality Assurance:
While these lug nuts are not direct OEM replacements for Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, or other mentioned brands, they parallel OEM quality, providing reliability at a fraction of the cost.

Order Now:
Get your hands on these premium 14×1.5 Spline Lug Nuts and ensure a secure and stylish upgrade for your vehicle’s wheels.

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