Wave Rated 4×4 Emblem for Jeep Wrangler


Premium-quality zinc alloy construction
Precise 60MM or 2.375? round dimension, identical to OEM standards
Stylish emblem featuring exceptional craftsmanship and dynamic design



Make a statement and elevate the aesthetics of your Jeep Wrangler with the Wave Rated 4×4 Emblem. This meticulously crafted badge is a testament to Jeep enthusiasts who value quality and style.

Durable Material:
The emblem is constructed from a top-notch zinc alloy. This ensures not only a premium look but also a durable emblem that remains unaffected by weather conditions or frequent car washes.

Design Excellence:
When it comes to design, this emblem doesn’t disappoint. It offers reliable quality with a detailed finish, smooth lines, and a contemporary yet dynamic appearance. The complete lines of the emblem ensure it looks perfect from every angle.

Effortless Installation:
No need to be a mechanic to fix this emblem to your Jeep. Begin by cleaning the desired installation area using rubbing alcohol. Once clean, remove the protective paper from the adhesive and place the emblem. Adjust for the perfect fit and then press firmly to ensure it stays in place. The process is so straightforward; it can be completed in mere minutes.

For best results and to ensure the emblem remains affixed, it’s essential to thoroughly clean the area of installation before applying. Although the emblems are designed to withstand car washes, a clean surface is crucial for long-lasting adhesion.

The Wave Rated 4×4 Emblem is a blend of quality, style, and functionality ? a perfect addition for Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts. To delve deeper into the product details, view the gallery, and check out reviews, don’t hesitate to click on the ?Learn More? button above.

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