Jeep Model Distressed USA Flag Sticker


Premium PVC material ensuring resistance against sun, rain, and snow.
Measures a substantial 16.9”x30.7”, perfect for car hoods, doors, and other flat surfaces.
Exhibit your patriotism with this uniquely distressed USA flag design.



Express your American pride and enhance your vehicle’s appearance with the Jeep Model Distressed USA Flag Sticker. Specifically tailored for Jeep enthusiasts, this decal effortlessly combines style with durability.

Top-Quality Material:
Manufactured using high-grade PVC, this sticker is designed to withstand various weather conditions, from blazing sun to heavy rain and snow. Not only is it waterproof, but it’s also car wash safe, ensuring the flag remains vibrant and the adhesive remains intact.

Ease of Application:
The sticker’s size of 16.9×30.7 inches ensures a commanding presence on any vehicle. The application is straightforward: cleanse the area, remove the sticker backing, position on the desired surface, and press down. The superior adhesive guarantees no paint damage or sticky residue upon removal.

Versatility and Fit:
While designed with Jeep enthusiasts in mind, this sticker’s universal design makes it compatible with various vehicles. Whether it’s a car, SUV, truck, or motorcycle, this sticker fits perfectly on hoods, doors, side panels, trunks, and more.

Gift of Patriotism:
This decal isn’t just a sticker; it’s an emblem of national pride. It serves as an ideal gift for family, friends, and anyone who holds their nation close to their heart.

Elevate the look of your vehicle while showcasing your patriotic spirit with the Jeep Model Distressed USA Flag Sticker. For more details, insights, and reviews, click the “Learn More” button above. Your journey towards a more personalized and patriotic vehicle begins here.

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