Air Intake

An air intake is a component of a vehicle’s air intake system that is responsible for bringing air into the engine. The air intake in a Jeep Wrangler TJ can be upgraded to improve the vehicle’s performance by increasing the amount of air that is available to the engine.

There are several types of air intakes available for the Wrangler TJ, including:

Cold air intakes: These are designed to bring in cold air from outside the engine compartment, which can improve the engine’s performance by increasing the density of the air that is being ingested.

Short ram intakes: These are shorter air intakes that are designed to be installed closer to the engine, and can improve the engine’s performance by reducing the amount of air that is being restricted.

Custom air intakes: These are air intakes that are custom-made for a specific vehicle, and are often used in high-performance applications.

It’s important to choose an air intake that is compatible with your Wrangler TJ and meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

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Showing all 3 results