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How To Customize Your Jeep Like A Pro

How to Customize your Jeep JL like a Pro

How To Customize Your Jeep Like A Pro

At the moment, there are so many cool and creative ways to customize your Jeep that don’t involve taking a sledgehammer to your budget or destroying your Wrangler in the process. Instead, you just need to know where to look and how to start the process in the right way. With this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about customizing your Jeep from the ground up so that you have the ultimate vehicle when you’re finished with it. Keep reading:

1. Replace the Bumper 

Replace the bumper

Most Jeeps typically come with durable bumpers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade them. Replacing the bumper can dramatically improve the look of your Jeep, giving it a more aggressive aura. There are different models and styles of bumpers available for your choice but be sure to do your due diligence, so you don’t purchase a unit that rust or that doesn’t hold up to wear and tear. 

2. Invest in rubber floor mats 

Invest in rubber floor mats

If you’re travelling off-road, you can expect that your Jeep’s interior will get messy. Your vehicle probably comes with a drainage plug that allows you to take a hose to the interior before draining it but doing this again and again will take a toll on the interior. Also, while off-roading gets the exterior of your car dirty, the excursions can still get dirt and grime caked on the floor. To preserve the like-new quality of your Jeep, consider investing in rubber mats as they can go a long way to enhance cleaning after the adventures. 

3. Use LED bulbs for your headlights and taillights 

Use LED bulbs for your headlights and fog lights

Your Jeep is equipped with a solid lighting system, but you can give your Jeep a face-lift by changing it. The most cost-effective option is to switch the OEM bulbs with an LED bulb in your headlights and fog lamps. The bright white light increases visibility and creates a modern look compared to the yellow light from the OEM bulbs. As a result, you will be able to better identify animals and obstacles and alert fellow drivers of your status so they won’t be alarmed when you roll by in the dark. 

4. Upgrade your tires and wheels 

Upgrade your tires and wheels

As expected, your new Jeep will come with brand new tires, but you don’t have to settle for them if you don’t want to. There’s a variety of options to choose from, including Jeep tires for handling mud, bounding through sand, dealing with wet conditions and even oversized tires if you’re one of those that want to live their suspensions and make room for larger wheels. 

5. Opt for soft-top roof

Opt for soft-top roof

Generally, most Jeeps come with two major roof options: soft top and hardtop. Hardtops are great in terms of performance and safety, but soft tops are a more popular option. With a soft top, your Jeep will look like it’s wearing a jacket, and you can easily remove it when you want fresh air to flood your interior. 

6. Opt for a Bigger Side mirrors

Opt for bigger side mirrors

Sure, your Jeep comes with side mirrors, but you may find that the stock mirrors don’t give you the expanded vision that you need to drive with peace of mind. Changing your side mirrors with bigger and better mirrors is a great way to increase your safety and confidence. What’s more, you can choose an array of styles ranging from rugged to chrome and round to square design. 

How to customize your Jeep Wrangler JL


Finally, don’t neglect performance and suspension enhancements. While it’s true that there is plenty of flashy exterior and interior customizations out there, don’t forget that performance and handling go hand in hand with any form of off-roading. So, if you plan on taking your rig off-road frequently, you should seriously consider investing in serious upgrades such as new shocks and tires. If you want an online shop for all your jeep accessories and wears, opt for Black Dog Mods. This shop is known for its high quality, durable and long-lasting jeep wears.

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