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💔 Heartbreaking News 💔

It is with heavy hearts that we share the saddest update from the Black Dog Mods family. Our beloved lab and the inspiration behind our name, Vegas, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. After gracing our lives for an incredible 13 years, Vegas peacefully passed away on 7-7-2023. 🌈

Vegas was more than just a dog; he was the embodiment of the spirit that drives us at Black Dog Mods. His loyalty, love, and unwavering presence will forever be missed. He was the true Black Dog that brought us joy and motivated us to offer the best Jeep parts and accessories to fellow enthusiasts.

In honor of our furry companion, we have created a memorial video celebrating the incredible memories we shared with Vegas. We invite you all to join us in remembering him by watching this touching tribute. 🎥🐾

Your support during this difficult time means the world to us. By watching our memorial video and sharing in our memories, you help keep Vegas’ spirit alive. Thank you for being a part of our Black Dog Mods family, and for understanding the depth of our loss.

Together, let’s honor Vegas and continue the legacy he inspired.

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