20 Awesome Jeep Interior Accessories

20 Awesome Jeep Interior Accessories

20 Awesome Jeep Interior Accessories

The inside of your Jeep is where you’ll spend 100% of your driving time so making it more comfortable and functional should be a top priority for any Wrangler owner. We have put together a list of 20 Awesome Jeep Interior Accessories that we consider must haves. There is something on this list for every Jeep owner whether they need more storage or more functions. The Jeep interior accessories listed below are all high quality and unique. A lot of times we upgrade the exterior of our Wranglers and disregard any new mods for the interior. Well, we think it’s important to upgrade both especially if you do a lot of driving which most of us do! We hope you enjoy browsing through our 20 awesome Jeep interior accessories and we guarantee by adding any of these items your next Jeep ride will be much more enjoyable.

20 Awesome Jeep Interior Accessories

Jeep Backseat Organizer

Jeep Backseat Organizer

Jeep Wranglers can always use more places to store items especially for those of us with kids! The Jeep backseat organizer provides four extra large storage pockets and two bottle holders which gives you a whole lot of extra room. It easily fits over the Jeep Wrangler front seats for a simple and easy installation. It also includes a detachable bottom pocket for easy grab and go convenience.


ARB Jeep Wrangler Fridge and Freezer

Jeep Wrangler Fridge and Freezer

Coolers work for some, but if you want to ensure your drinks and food stay cold no matter how long your trail ride is then adding a fridge/freezer to your Jeep is the way to go! The Jeep Wrangler fridge and freezer can hold up to 63 quarts of goods. It’s easy to attach it to the back of your Wrangler with the included tie downs that make installing and removing it a cinch.

Rugged Ridge Ultimate Grab Handles

Ultimate Grab Handles

Most of us have lifted Jeeps which make it tough for some people to get in and out of them. That’s why we recommend everyone purchase a pair or two of grab handles for their Jeep. Our top choice because of their high quality design is the Rugged Ridge Ultimate Grab Handles. The grab handles have a molded, sure grip design and they feature adjustable straps for an easy and quick installation.


Quick Draw Tactical Overhead Weapon Carrier for Jeep Wrangler Roll Bar

Overhead Weapon Carrier

Every hunter or gun enthusiastic that drives a Jeep should invest in an overhead weapon carrier. The overhead weapon carrier easily connects to the roll bars and can hold up to 2 full size guns with or without scopes.  It even has a place for your gun clips to be held securely. Just think about all of the extra room you’ll have in your Wrangler for other gear once your guns have a safe, secure, and out of the way storage area.


Select Increments Jeep Wrangler Tailgate Stealth Pod without Speakers

Tailgate Stealth Speaker Pod

Upgrading your sound system without taking up valuable real estate in your Jeep used to be a challenge. Now we have quite a few options that allow us to add speakers and amps to our Wranglers without taking up extra room. The tailgate stealth speaker pod is an excellent choice because it allows you to install a 10 inch sub-woofer without taking away any functionality from your Wrangler’s tailgate. It also has rubber pads that isolate the speaker which keeps it from vibrating so it always sounds great!


Rugged Ridge Black Composite Jeep Overhead Storage Console

Overhead Storage Console

The overhead storage console takes advantage of the space above your visors which isn’t typically used for anything. It allows you to add more storage space without interfering with your top. It fits with hard tops or soft tops and it doesn’t matter if your top is up or down. The Rugged Ridge overhead storage console is fully enclosed and doesn’t require any tools or drilling to install. Rightline Gear Black Jeep Wrangler Soft Top Window Storage Bag

Soft Top Window Storage Bag

One of the questions I always had when I put my soft top down was what to do with the windows? The Rightline soft top window storage bag eliminates the need for leaving your windows at home or being shoved somewhere in the back of your Wrangler. The soft top window bag keeps your windows safe, scratch free, and out of the way, but easily accessible. The bag easily attaches to your Jeep’s roll bar either behind the front or back seats.


Jeep Wrangler Safari Straps Pet Divider

Safari Straps Pet Divider

Instantly increase the style of your Jeep Wrangler’s interior with the Safari Straps Pet Divider. Not only does it look awesome, but the safari straps will keep your pet safely in the back and out of harm’s way. The nets are made of heavy duty webbing and are very durable.


Bestop RoughRider Jeep Wrangler Seat Back Organizer

Seat Back Organizer

Another Jeep mod sure to increase the space inside of your Wrangler. The seat back organizer is a great way to store extra items that don’t have a home. It is a very simple install and can easily be removed. The seat back organizer features four pockets with dividers and 2 cup holders.


Opall Jeep Wrangler Orange Trim Kit

Interior Trim Kit

One of the more stylish upgrades for your Jeep Wrangler is changing the trim colors with an interior trim kit. Choose from a ton of different colors available to best match your style. It’s a very easy installation utilizing self adhesive 3M tape. The interior trim kit comes with everything you need to completely redesign the inside of your Wrangler in a cost effective way.


JK Jeep Wrangler Foot Rest Dead Pedal Kick Panel

Dead Pedal Foot Rest

If you drive an automatic Jeep Wrangler then you know what it’s like not having a place to rest your left foot. Once you install this you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! The dead pedal foot rest features a non slip design and a textured black coating for extra durability. The install only requires basic hand tools and takes less then 5 minutes.


Rugged Ridge Black Jeep Wrangler Front and Rear Floor Liner Kit

Front and Rear Floor Liner Kit

All Jeep Wranglers need protection for their carpets otherwise they will not look new for long. We recommend the Rugged Ridge Front and Rear Floor Liner Kit because it has a raised lip which captures all types of elements and a custom fit design which allows it to seamlessly be installed in your Wrangler.


Rugged Ridge Jeep Wrangler JKU Cargo Pet Cover

Cargo Pet Cover

Dogs and Jeep Wranglers go together like peanut butter and jelly, but unfortunately they get hair and scratches everywhere! Adding a cargo pet cover is the best way to keep you happy and your pet safe and secure. You can use this with the rear seats down or up to give your pet a nice area all to themselves. The cargo pet cover includes a built in curtain which keeps your dog or other pets from entering the front seat area.


Front Runner Off-Road Jeep JK Unlimited Cargo Carrier

Unlimited Cargo Carrier

Need more room in the back of your Wrangler? The Front Runner unlimited cargo carrier is an excellent addition to your Jeep which provides a secure and safe storage area. The carrier makes it easy to organize and access your gear. You can bolt your accessories to the rack or store your gear in the cargo area beneath the rack.


Rugged Ridge Tire Thread Console Cover for Jeep JK JKU

Tire Thread Center Console Cover

One of the areas that always end up being scratched and damaged is the center console. Now you can protect it with the Rugged Ridge tire thread center console cover. It adds a cool look and a comfy spot to rest your elbow all while protecting your console from any type of damage.


Drake Off Road Pistol Grip Shift Knob for Jeep JK Wrangler

Pistol Grip Shift Knob

Talk about a conversation starter when others step inside your Wrangler and see this they are gonna want to know more about it! The pistol grip shift knob is one of the coolest interior mods available for Jeeps. Not only does it look awesome, but it also has a finger formed grip for added comfort.


Smittybilt Underseat Security Storage Vault for Jeep JK

Underseat Security Storage Vault

All Jeep owners worry about having items stolen from their Wrangler especially when they have a soft top installed. Having a safe and secure storage area to keep valuables is a must have. The Smittybilt underseat security storage vault can support up to 350 pounds and is constructed from 16 gauge cold rolled steel. It acts as a drawer so you can easily open and close it when retrieving your items.


Dominion OffRoad Hi-Lift Jack and Accessory Mount Combo Kit

Hi-Lift Jack and Accessory Mount

This is one interior modification that stores some very important tools. The Hi-Lift jack and accessory mount allows you to carry a hi-lift jack and another accessory like a shovel in your Jeep safely and securely. It’s important to be prepared for anything when out on the trails so having the right tools with you is a must and now you can do it without taking up valuable space inside your Wrangler.


Rugged Ridge JK Jeep Hardtop Insulation and Sound Deadener

Hardtop Insulation

Keep your Jeep warm or cold and reduce the outside noise in your Jeep with the Rugged Ridge Hardtop insulation kit. Not only does it reduce the noise outside, but it makes your music comes to life inside. This is an excellent addition to any Jeep with a hard top.


Rugged Ridge Dashboard Phone Mount Kit

Dashboard Phone Mount Kit

Need a secure place for your electronic devices? The Rugged Ridge dashboard phone mount kit is a great choice to hold your gadgets safe and accessible. Utilizing the factory dash recess it does not require any modifications to your Jeep to install. It can easily hold phones, cameras, GPS devices, and much more.

20 Awesome Jeep Interior Accessories

That ends our list of 20 awesome interior Jeep accessories. If you didn’t find the right interior modification for your Wrangler perhaps browsing the rest of our shop will help you find the right products for you and your Wrangler. Shop for more Jeep interior mods by clicking here.

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